Hilarious and Heartwarming

The Laughs and Cries Anthology is an odd mixing that has something for everyone.

From a robot vacuum circus to the struggle of little turtles bursting through the sand to conquer their destiny Laughs and Cries is a fun anthology for anyone who enjoys reading or writing. You’ll laugh so hard you cry and cry so hard it might be funny from an outsider’s perspective. See what’s so special about Laughs and Cries by ordering today!

Agent of Horror

This 16 chapter mini-series follows the adventures and misadventures of unretired Agent of Horror, Horace Blackwater, and his enthusiastic daughter.

They explore the terrors of plants, wax, identity theft and much more. Start reading their adventures now on Kindle Vella. The first 10 episodes are completely free!

The Full Story Available Now

The Maverick Trilogy is complete!

Maverick was not evil, but he was not good. Witness to the rise and fall of heroes and villains Maverick is a key character in a rapidly unfolding master plan which could change the world for the better or for worse. The entire story from start to finish is available now.

CJ Lawson

CJ Lawson is an award winning speaker and writer. He has written multiple comedic short stories published in the Laughs and Cries anthology and the suspenseful action packed Maverick trilogy. He has  trained under multiple New York Times Best-selling authors and been recognized nationally for some of his writings.

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Author Visits

I am always looking for opportunities to give back to my community and am more than happy to share my journey of becoming an author to students and young adults.

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